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About the project

Aloe Bits is a product developed by Urk Up, a company specializing in coffee, avocados, Aloe Vera, and other product exports. This exciting venture included product conceptualization and the enhancement of our digital presence. Our collaborative efforts extended to empowering individuals in the agricultural sector to create their own products, providing support in packaging and sales strategies.


The world is changing, and we are changing the way you take care of you

Content Strategy

Purpose: Break the way we consume carbonated beverages. Choose no sugar, no preservatives. Choose to feel good, physically, spiritually and mentally.


Using the power of ancient wisdom. The world is changing, we are changing the way we take care of ourselves but the power of Aloe Vera remains.


Content of value for our target audience. Tips, video tutorials, blogs.


Frequently asked questions, modes of use, occasions of use, where to buy


A healthy box that tells you the story of the peasant families that cultivated aloe vera, its process, and the benefits of the product.